Manny Malhotra Hired as Leafs’ Assistant Coach

The Toronto Maple Leafs have hired Manny Malhotra as their Assistant Coach and will be the first coach of Asian descent to regularly stand behind a NHL bench. Previously an Assistant Coach with the Vancouve Canucks since 2017 where he was responsible for pre-scouting and individual player development while presenting an “eye-in-the-sky role” during games,… Continue reading Manny Malhotra Hired as Leafs’ Assistant Coach

Profile: Manny Malhotra

One of the elite two-way forwards of his generation, Malhotra starred in the NHL for 16 seasons where he played in 1,026 games. He was among the best in NHL history at faceoffs, with the fourth-highest career faceoff winning percentage (58.85%) ever. A second-generation Punjabi-Canadian, Malhotra played minor hockey in Mississauga, ON before being drafted… Continue reading Profile: Manny Malhotra